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Founded in 1982, Phoenix-based CFS Mortgage Corporation is a closely-held mortgage banker licensed in Arizona and California. Specializing in purchase transactions, CFS has originated over 15,000 home loans over the past 30 years. We have been recognized for many years as one of the top 25 lenders in Maricopa County by the Phoenix Business Journal.

What's New

Closed Loan
Closing Date: 8/26/2013
Loan Amount: $228,750
Downpayment: 25% 
Loan Type:Purchase
Months after Short Sale: 2
Credit Score: 661
State: AZ

Closed Loan
Closing Date: 9/05/2013
Loan Amount: $272,125
Loan to Value: 65% 
Loan Type:Cash Out Refi
Months after Foreclosure: 12
Credit Score: 612
State: CA

Closed Loan
Closing Date: 8/27/2013
Loan Amount: $638,000
Down Payment: 30% 
Loan Type:Refinance
Months after Bankruptcy: 7
Credit Score: 625
State: CA

Closed Loan
Closing Date: 9/11/2013
Loan Amount: $503,220
Down Payment: 25% 
Loan Type:Purchase
Months after short sale: 19
Credit Score: 623
State: AZ

No More Renting After a Short Sale
Home owners might also want to consider taking advantage of the Flexible Credit Program because it now costs less to buy a home than rent on account of low prices that are now gaining momentum. In some cases, home owners also
Foreclosure Can Be a New Beginning to Homeownership
One of the main highlights of the Flexible Credit Program is that it provides home loans after foreclosure and just one day after a short sale. Typical waiting times for home loans after a foreclosure can be upwards of five or seven year
Short Sale Today, Buy a New Home Tomorrow
After a short sale, most buyers have to wait at least two or three years prior to qualifying for another mortgage. Now, Arizona home owners can take advantage of the Flexible Credit Home Loan Program from CFS Mortgage Corporation.